Clear cloudy aquarium water and remove aquarium nitrate with Algone

Aquarium Maintenance Made Easy

  • Clear & Maintain Crystal Clear Aquarium Water
  • Biologically Balance the Aquarium
  • Remove Harmful Waste & Pollutants
  • Enjoy a Beautiful & Healthy Aquarium
  • Freshwater, Saltwater, Reef & Planted Tanks

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Solve and prevent common aquarium problems with Algone!

Algone is a filter supplement used to solve and prevent common aquarium problems. Algone fits any filter system and can be used in fresh and saltwater aquariums, including sensitive reef and plant tanks.
All natural Algone clears cloudy aquarium water, lowers and removes excess nitrates and ammonia from the fish tank, and polishes the water to a crystal clear sparkle.
The water balancing properties of Algone create a healthy aquatic environment in which fish, plants, corals, invertabrates, etc thrive.

What our customers are saying

David H.
Since I have been using your product my tank has improved 1000%. My fish are healthy, I use less filters and have too clean far less often. Great product.
David H.
Stephen L.
I’ve now have coralline algae coming out of my ears. Sure beats that awful stuff I used to have. Thanks Algone.

Stephen L.

Ray B.
I love Algone, it’s just what the Fish- Doctor ordered. It takes the headaches out of maintaining my aquariums- Thank-You.
Ray B.


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