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Are nitrates harmful for my aquarium?

Aquarium nitrate is inevitable as it results from the break down of waste. Below is a brief outline of the main effects nitrate has on the fish tank. Nitrate levels above 10 ppm often cause and fuel rapid algae growth in the aquarium.  (a free-floating algae bloom) is also a very common result of elevated […]

Trigger Fish in aquarium
Aquarium Maintenance and Fish Care Information

Aquarium maintenance tips and fish care guidelines

Good aquarium maintenance practices will lead to a healthy aquatic environment and thriving fish, providing years of joy for the hobbyist. Expensive and time-consuming problems can be prevented by spending thirty minutes on maintenance every other week. The biggest factor for maintenance is tank stability. As long as everything is running properly and your fish […]

Red head salmler hemmigrammus rhodostonus
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Algaecides and how they control algae growth in the aquarium

See our post about  Algae have and probably always will be the most talked about subject of the aquarium hobby. It is without any doubt the main reason many hobbyist give-up fish keeping. Algaecides are available in many forms, shapes and makes. Liquids, tablets, powders, or blocks. Regardless of the appearance, algaecides work on the […]

Baby African Cichlid in fish tank
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How to clear cloudy aquarium water

What is cloudy water? In short, it’s a bacterial bloom. However it is not the . Before those get to work, another set of bacteria is needed. These “scavengers” are heterotrophic bacteria, which feed off organic waste in the fish tank. This feeding process represents the first stage of , at which organic waste is […]

The Dutch style planted aquarium
Caring for Aquarium Plants

The Dutch style planted aquarium

The origins of the Dutch-Style aquarium date back to the early 1900’s, and its principles have not changed since. What is a Dutch-Style Aquarium? The Dutch-Style imitates a heavily planted underwater English garden. Core principles are depth, harmony, and simplicity. The setup centers on plants. Driftwood, rocks, and ornaments are not found in a Dutch-Style […]

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What is green aquarium water? And what causes it?

Green aquarium water is a free-floating algae bloom. It can be frustrating to deal with, especially for the beginner fish keeper. Green water, sometimes called ‘pea soup’, can be so severe that the fish literally disappear in it. The reason for green water Free-floating algae (photosynthesizing algae) will thrive in nutrient rich waters. Excessive organic […]