Aquarium maintenance tips and fish care guidelines

Good aquarium maintenance practices will lead to a healthy aquatic environment and thriving fish, providing years of joy for the hobbyist. Jump to routine maintenance guide! Expensive and time-consuming problems can be prevented by spending thirty minutes on maintenance every other week. The biggest factor for maintenance is tank stability. As long as everything is […]

Clear and Balanced Freshwater Aquariums with Algone

ALGONE is the perfect filter supplement for the freshwater aquarium! Sparkling Clear & Balanced Freshwater Aquariums What Algone does: Clears cloudy aquarium water, removes nitrates, , restores and maintains tank’s biological balance, prevents common problems caused by deteriorating water quality. • Reduces fish stress caused by harmful nutrients • Polishes aquarium water crystal clear • […]

Keeping African Dwarf Frogs in the aquarium

The African Dwarf Frog is an aquatic species and cannot survive on land. Two to three inches in length, these dark-green colored frogs prefer small stoned smooth gravel. Hiding spaces provided by plants, rocks, or driftwood are essential. A well-maintained fish tank with community fish, a stable environment, and a gentle current will provide them […]

What is cloudy aquarium water?

If you just started your aquarium, or recently changed the gravel and are experiencing a grayish discoloration of the aquarium water, don’t panic. The gravel was probably still dirty. The free-floating dirt particles should settle and get trapped in the external filtration fairly quickly. A light haze after siphoning the gravel is harmless, and is […]

Where does aquarium nitrate come from?

There are various sources of aquarium nitrate, some can be avoided and some are inevitable. Remember, high nitrate concentrations in the fish tank are the primary cause of algae outbreaks and green aquarium water! Avoidable sources of aquarium nitrate Tap water contains nitrate This includes both city and well water. City water is normally regulated […]

Bacteria and antibiotics in the aquarium

Friendly bacteria include the scavenging, decomposing bacteria digesting uneaten fish food, plant matter, dead algae, and basically everything that consist of organic matter. The  aka nitrifiers aka beneficial bacteria, convert  (resulting from bacterial activity, fish waste etc.) into the less toxic compounds of  and . On rare occasions, denitrifying bacteria can settle in oxygen free areas […]

Aquarium fish food and diet requirements

Feeding your fish an improper diet is as common a mistake as overfeeding. Providing the correct diet is essential for fish growth and health. Dietary deficiencies will not only shorten the lifespan of fish and cause many diseases, but will also contribute to a deteriorating water quality by polluting the water. The diet of fish […]

Common aquarium and fish keeping mistakes

Tank selection, type of filtration, filtration output, substrate, lighting… making the right selections and avoiding some of the most common mistakes from the start will get your aquarium up and running successfully. Use this guide to navigate some of the initial questions you should ask. Tank / Aquarium Selection An aquarium is a closed replica […]