Effective aquarium algae control and prevention

Once algae becomes a problem, treating the cause is required for a lasting and successful solution. Treating algae directly is not effective algae control. Real aquarium algae control is not accomplished by dumping chemicals into the tank. While chemicals may destroy the algae, in the long-term they worsen the conditions in the aquarium, making renewed […]

How to remove nitrate from the aquarium

Nitrates are generally very low in natural waters, in part by the high rate of dilution due to large quantities of water, but also because of the hydrologic-cycle. A common practice used to lower aquarium nitrates is the . In reality however, water changes are more of a nitrate dilution then removal. How to remove […]

How to clear green aquarium water

Step one: Keep your cool! Once fish disappear in green water, we often act with a sense of urgency. We tend to overcompensate with large water changes and other big ideas. In most cases sudden BIG CHANGES in the aquarium have negative consequences. The larger the change, the greater the resulting biological imbalance. Small, gradual […]

Common aquarium and fish keeping mistakes

Tank selection, type of filtration, filtration output, substrate, lighting… making the right selections and avoiding some of the most common mistakes from the start will get your aquarium up and running successfully. Use this guide to navigate some of the initial questions you should ask. Tank / Aquarium Selection An aquarium is a closed replica […]

New tank syndrome

One should think, starting out with a new hobby is like learning by trial and error, or better, learning by doing. Unfortunately a certain amount of knowledge is required to start the hobby of fish keeping. The understanding of what is going on inside the tank, as you can’t see, feel or smell pH, hardness, […]

Description of common aquarium algae

Need help identifying algae in your aquarium? See the quick descriptions below. And remember, no matter what type of algae is in your tank, your most effective long-term solution is effective nitrate control! Removing the primary food source of algae leads to effective algae control and prevention! Hair Algae Hair algae (aka, filamentous or thread […]