The Dutch style aquarium

The origins of the Dutch Style aquarium date back to the early 1900’s, and its principles have not changed since. What is a Dutch Style Aquarium? The Dutch Style imitates a heavily planted underwater English garden. Core principles are depth, harmony, and simplicity. The setup centers on plants. Driftwood, rocks, and ornaments are not found […]

Algone in Planted Tanks

What Algone does: Clears cloudy aquarium water, removes nitrates, restores and maintains tank’s biological balance, prevents common problems caused by deteriorating water quality. Algone restores a healthy balance to the planted aquarium. • Safe for all aquatic plants • Increases bio-availability of trace element • Prevents early precipitation of essential nutrients • Corrects nutrient imbalances […]

Aquarium plant health guide

Mineral deficiencies can be detected by observing the plants and their symptoms. Magnesium, nitrogen, phosphate, potassium for example are mobile nutrients and calcium, iron are immobile. Mobile nutrients can be moved within the plant to avoid a shortage while a deficiency in immobile nutrients has an instant effect on the plant. Signs of plant deficiencies: […]

Fertilizing aquarium plants

Next to a suitable substrate, light, CO2 and pH are far more important than any fertilizer. Light is needed for plants to produce energy by photosynthesis while CO2 helps plants utilize the minerals required. Plants will not be able to utilize nutrients, minerals, or light at low CO2 levels. Low light and CO2 levels can […]

Growing healthy aquarium plants

Excellent plant growth lies in the substrate. If you don’t have a suitable and balanced substrate your plants will not thrive the way you would like them to. The substrate not only has a providing, but also a retaining capacity to hold nutrients for the use of plants over a period of time. Nitrogen, calcium, […]