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ALGONE Aquarium Water Clarifier & Nitrate Remover


Aquarium Water Clarifier, Nitrate Remover & Maintenance Solution

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Product Description

Solve Aquarium Problems, Balance & Maintain a Healthy Fish Tank

ALGONE is the perfect filter supplement for any aquarium. The all-in-one filter pouches maintain, correct, and prevent common aquarium issues. Use ALGONE to simplify routine maintenance, as well as correct common problems such as cloudy aquarium water and nitrate removal. ALGONE also balances the fish tank, preventing potential problems and improving overall fish health.

Your 3-in-1 Aquarium Solution


  1. Algone clears cloudy aquarium water. Use Algone to remove nitrate, ammonia, and nitrite. Algone also removes dissolved organic waste and toxins.
  2. Algone restores the aquarium’s natural balance through the removal of harmful waste and nutrients. As a result the water is polished crystal clear.
  3. Problems caused by poor and deteriorating water quality are prevented. Algone continuously removes harmful waste which, if left unchecked, will lead to well known aquarium problems such as cloudy water, fish stress & disease, “ugly” tanks, etc.

Enjoy a Crystal Clear & Balanced Aquarium

  • Clear all types of cloudy aquarium water
  • Remove nitrate, nitrite, & ammonia
  • Polish the aquarium water crystal clear
  • Restore biological balance & enhance fish health
  • Remove harmful toxins & pollutants
  • Use to prevent common problems too!

Quick Overview

  • For fresh and saltwater aquariums
    100% reef safe. 100% safe for planted aquariums.
  • Each box contains 6 easy-to-use-filter pouches.
  • Fits any filter. Place the Algone pouch directly into the aquarium filter or sump.
  • Clear cloudy water.
  • Remove nitrate, ammonia, nitrite.
  • Remove harmful toxins and dissolved organics.
  • Balance and maintain healthy aquarium water.
  • 5+ years shelf life. Store in dry place.
  • Non-toxic and safe for all aquaria.
  • Trusted by hobbyists everywhere since 1995.
  • Made in the USA.
How Algone Works

Instructions for Use:

For aquariums 5 – 110 gallons:

Algone Instructions Small

For aquariums 110 gallons & up

Algone Instructions Large

Clarity, Balance & Vibrancy in the Reef Tank

Running a delicate reef aquarium? ALGONE creates the perfect low-nutrient environment for a healthy, thriving reef tank!

What Algone does: Clears cloudy aquarium water, removes nitrates, restores and maintains tank’s biological balance, prevents common problems caused by deteriorating water quality.

  • Safe for invertebrates and corals
  • Removes soluble organic impurities
  • Increases dissolved oxygen levels
  • Removes soluble carbohydrate and protein
  • Protects trace elements

Algone is the perfect filter supplement for the reef tank.

Algone is safe for corals, polyps, invertebrates and other reef inhabitants. Algone gently removes pollutants before they can negatively impact the fragile reef environment.

Removing excessive nitrates, organic & inorganic pollutants, carbohydrates, and proteins is essential for a healthy reef tank. Algone is chemical free and has no negative impact on any vital reef parameters.

Triggerfish Crossbow-clown, Balistoides Conspicillum)

ALGONE is the perfect filter supplement for the freshwater aquarium!

What Algone does: Clears cloudy aquarium water, removes nitrates, [prevents nitrate related problems, restores and maintains tank’s biological balance, prevents common problems caused by deteriorating water quality.

  • • Reduces fish stress caused by harmful nutrients
  • Polishes aquarium water crystal clear
  • Safe for all freshwater fish
  • Safe for bottom feeders, snails, plecos, and frogs

Algone continuously removes nitrate, as well as nitrite & ammonia from the water. Through the removal of these harmful and potentially lethal nutrients, Algone creates the ideal aquatic environment suitable for healthy and thriving fish life. In the process the water is polished to a crystal clear sparkle.

neon tetra fish in aquarium
A colorful close up shot of a Discus Fish


  1. :

    A friend advised me of your product and it definitely brought an end to the stress of nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia.
    My five tanks have never been so crystal clear!
    You have a new regular customer.

  2. :

    I have been using your product for about six months in my 65 gallon fresh water aquarium. It keeps my water crystal clear, my nitrate reading is 5 and I don’t have any algae. Can’t get much better then that. This is a awesome product.

  3. :

    Algone is the best aquarium maintenance product I have ever used. Within a few hours of use, my aqarium went from being so cloudy that the fish could barely be seen and fin rot was taking place, to twice as better and clear. The fish were swimming around more and were a lot less covered in fungus. This is definitely a must-have for aquarium users! THANK YOU ALGONE!!

  4. :

    Absolutely love Algone! Wasn’t initially convinced but after some reading online and a call to Algone I gave it some time and my tank has been absolutely stunning since. The water has never been clearer and nitrates are under control. Highly recommended!!!

  5. :


  6. :

    I have a 3 year old 37 gal reef aquarium, two months ago I developed a “nasty mucky” take-over. Despite my many water changes and skimming of the tank it seemed only to get worse. Finally, the last straw, it killed two of my brains }:-\ I’d read all the feedback about Algone, and it was truly last ditch effort. I used two pouches the first week, and by the second week I could tell that the tank was clearing up. By the middle of the third week, I had “NO TRACE” of cloudy water. It truly saved my aquarium, THANK YOU ALGONE.

  7. :

    Great Stuff!! I don’t know how we could run the tank without it.

  8. :

    Within 2 weeks of putting Algone in our tank, the water was crystal clear and is so now. It was very cloudy and we worked on it for a month to clear it up. Thanks so much.

  9. :

    Just wanted to let you know MY GREEN WATER IS GONE !! It’s almost to good to be true. I have fought that green water and run away nitrates since last summer, and now they are gone. I am just thrilled. I have one more packet of Algone for next week and you can bet I will be ordering more. Thanks again.

  10. :

    My first Saltwater tank was set up in 1968. Fish only at the time. I’m in the reef tank hobby for 3 years now. I keep fish and reef critters in a 40 gallon and in a 30 gallon tank. Snails are great, but Algone is a FANTASTIC help. I just love your Product. Glass is crystal clear,( except for snail eggs) Water is clear and almost Nitrate free.

  11. :

    Terrific Product…It works like magic.

  12. :

    Since I have been using your product my tank has improved 1000%. My fish are healthy, I use less filters and have too clean far less often. Great product.

  13. :

    I am writing to let you know how much success I have had with your product Algone. I have been using Algone in my filter for about four weeks. I initially bought it to try to get rid of the cloudy water and the ammonia that was building up in my new 72 gallon tank. I have done a water test and for the first time EVER I am showing a reading of 0 ammonia. The cloudy water is gone as well! I am so relieved that I don’t have to worry about the ammonia anymore. Thank you for such an incredible product!! I will tell my local aquarium store about your product. When I asked them what to do about my problems, they of course said the usual water change for the ammonia, and the cloudy water would eventually go away. Well they will have a new answer for people now! “Algone!”
    Thanks again.

  14. :

    Works great…Will purchase again & again…Thanks for such a great product.

  15. :

    Algone is a great product. I had no nitrate in my tank, and I took the pad out for too or three days just to see and guess what? My nitrate started to rise, I put a new pad in and within a day or two my Nitrate dropped back to zero! Thanks for everything.

  16. :

    Just wanted to thank you for your fast processing of my order.. I live in Ontario, Canada and seriously thought it would take weeks to receive your product.. But, to my surprise, it came in the mail in 1 week!! I’ve wasted no time either, put the pouch in the water filter within minutes of opening the box..
    Is there a Canadian Dist. that would be easier for me to purchase Algone? Don’t get me wrong, it was dead easy to order online.. but it would also be nice to purchase it right from a local store..
    Thanks again for the quick service.

  17. :

    Just wanted to let you know, I’ve had aquariums for the better part of the past ten years. During this time I set up my share of tanks and thought I had it down to a science on how to avoid problems with new tanks before they occurred. Then I found your site, figured I’d try your product during the cycling of a new tank I was about to set up. I was skeptical, but let me tell you the tank has been running for over a year now and I’ve never had a more carefree aquarium in all that time.
    Excellent Product! Thank you.

  18. :

    Your product has solved my problems. It saved me from getting rid of the aquarium I enjoy so much.
    Thanks again.

  19. :

    I had used Algone for about seven months and did not notice anything special … until I stopped using it. Within a month nitrates and cloudy water were out of control. Algone is kind of like a good pair of shocks on your car, you don’t notice it until you don’t have it.

  20. :

    What a wonderful product!!! Takes the guess work out of aquarium start-up! Thank you so much for your product, my fish & I just love it.

  21. :

    It works, period.

  22. :

    After my 50 gallon tank cycled I could not get rid of the cloudy water until I used Algone. I use two packs, one in each biofilter, and my aquarium is beautiful. I have little to no problems with maintenance and have five beautiful aggressive cichlids.

  23. :

    I must say I wasn’t sure if this stuff would work. Nothing else I tried would get rid of my cloudy water problem and a very high rise of nitrite and nitrate in another tank. I found out what the nitrite/nitrate problem was but was having a hard time getting the levels down. Water changes were just taking too long. After one week with Algone all my problems vanished. This is the most amazing product I have seen for aquariums ever. What is so great is it works for more than one thing. I tried chemicals and nitrite absorbing packs and none of them ever worked. I’ve told everybody about Algone and will continue doing so. This stuff is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. :

    I have today placed my third or fourth order for Algone. I find that the product does everything that it advertises. I have no more ammonia! I have no more nitrite! And I have only a very acceptably low reading (less then 5 ppm) for non-toxic nitrate! Equally important to me, is that I have NO MORE CLOUDY WATER in my tanks! Your web site is book marked as one of my favorites. Many thanks for your courteous personnel, your customer service and prompt shipments always.

    P.S. My 30 fish thank you, too!

  25. :

    I received Algone, installed it in a tank which had 30ppm nitrates yesterday…Today it has 15ppm…I’m impressed.

  26. :

    Your product Algone is something else. We (my girlfriend Danette and I) had done everything the local pet stores had suggested but just couldn’t get the nitrite level down and were really worried about our fish as success in the past was not the best. But alas, a search on the internet, a decision to call you, and then order the product based on the feeling you really knew what you were talking about has been the best decision we could have made for our fish. Within one week nitrite levels began to come down, second week they were perfect and the water was crystal clear. I enjoy dealing with people who care about their customers, and you guys certainly do.
    Thanks again and stay in touch.

  27. :

    Hi. Just wanted to say how helpful your site has been. I just found it a little too late. I bought a 29 gal. tank for my husband for Christmas. Lost all the fish this weekend in 2 days. We bought everything at a local department chain, I won’t mention the name. We got some bad advice and not knowing anything ourselves we followed the advice of the salesperson. Did all the wrong things. After finding your site today I think we are on the way to getting the problem fixed. Too bad they would not refund anything. I spent approximately 400$$.It was an expensive lesson to learn but your site has given me hope and has lessened the frustration and discouragement, Thanks.

  28. :

    I am impressed by the service and quality of your product.

  29. :

    WOW! I was ready to give up this hobby completely! My once beautiful reef tank was a scene from the wreck of the Titanic! Dirty, Ugly. Dying! After using two weeks worth of Algone my tank is once again a thing of beauty. The local marine store is still trying to figure out how I have zero nitrates, when before I was in the danger zone! Thanks Algone-here is a reorder for twice as much! (Need to share with friends!).

  30. :

    Amazing! In just a week, my aquarium’s nitrate levels dropped from 160ppm and more to less than 10ppm! I’m going to use it again and again.

  31. :

    Love your product Algone. I really enjoyed your website. I love aquariums, fish, live plants, and most of all to read about them. Well, I thank you for your time and great product and website.

  32. :

    I added a note in the comment box when I placed my first online order of Algone for my 72-gallon aquarium. I said that I’m going to trust you on this. I took a Nitrite test one week after I placed Algone in my Fluval 404 filter and the result…my high Nitrite level is completely gone! The water is also sparkling clean and the fish are very happy and active. My goal was to look for an all-in-one product that would solve my water chemistry problems and do away with the individual products I’ve been buying in the past. Yours is the solution.

  33. :

    Great product!

  34. :

    I’ve been very happy with Algone, both the product and the company itself. I ordered Algone, and within two days, there it was in my mailbox. I put it to work immediately, and Nitrate levels of 60 PPM were reduced to 10 PPM in about 2 days (this in a 55 gallon tank). It’s incredibly easy to use–I just pop a packet in my canister filter, and that’s all there is to it.
    My fish and I are hooked.

  35. :

    I use Algone in 4 of the 5 aquariums at the house. I also use it in all my aquarium maintenance service aquariums. There has been no problem with cloudy water, ammonia or nitrite in any of these freshwater tanks. The nitrate level runs between 0-5ppm. Keeping these tanks sparking clean is good for business and I am proud to say that Algone has helped make my job a lot easier.

  36. :

    I must thank you for your return reply. I cannot tell you how much your knowledge and information has helped me. I have been going nuts trying to find out about this algae etc. I made an error. My tank is 55 gal. If you think I need to order more please go ahead and order for me what you have recommended in this note. I appreciate you waiving the shipping charges as well. Looks like because of you Algone have made me a bonafide lifetime customer. Thanks again for your help.

  37. :

    Thought you’d be interested to hear that in the space of one week my tank has gone from not working to completely clear! I’m amazed! You can have an aquarium in a south facing solar window.

  38. :

    I’ve now got coralline coming out of my ears. Sure beats that aweful stuff I used to have. Thanks Algone.

  39. :

    I have a 135 gallons aquarium and I have been using Algone for more than 2 years now and the aquarium is great, water is clear and nitrate is less than 10 …. thanks to Algone.

  40. :

    I love Algone, it’s just what the Fish- Doctor ordered. It takes the headaches out of maintaining my aquariums- Thank-You.

  41. :

    I purchased your product 3 weeks ago as a last resort to solve an ongoing 2 month problem of extreme cloudiness in my aquarium. After numerous water changes and tests all coming out with satisfactory levels, I was going crazy trying to clear up the water. I had no idea what to do. I ran in to your site after searching the internet for advice. I figured I had tried everything else, so why not give this a shot. I am very happy to say that 2 1/2 weeks after your product arrived (which only took 3 days) I am now looking at the clearest water I have ever seen in anyone’s setup. The water test levels are now not only satisfactory, but PERFECT. I am so happy with your product, I even gave away 8 packets so far to show my fellow aquarium owners how great your product is. They are all now experiencing the same results and have thanked me over and over. Being relatively new to this hobby, I have found your site to be MORE than helpful and informative. In just two weeks, you have gained a lifelong customer in me – and possibly four of my friends! Thanks again for such an innovative product and I will be ordering again soon.

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