Is the aquarium water change harmful to fish?

The water change is the most basic and essential part of . But can it harm or kill fish? Waste easily accumulates in poorly and irregularly maintained aquariums. This waste is visible as mulm in and under the gravel. Waste also accumulates in corners inside the filter, and in tubing. Further, waste collects inside the aquarium, […]

The secret to crystal clear aquarium water

Most, if not all bad things that can happen within the fish tank are caused by chemical and/or biological imbalances of the aquarium water. High nitrate in particular can wreak havoc on the aquarium’s appearance. While nitrates aren’t visible to the eye, their effects certainly are. Clear aquarium water is the most common victim of […]

How to catch a fish in an aquarium

Anyone who has ever attempted to catch a fish in the aquarium knows this can be a challenging and frustrating task. It’s not uncommon to chase after the fish with a net. Depending on the size and speed of the fish, as well as the tank’s decor, this can be a daunting task. Even if […]

Is a nano tank right for me?

Nano is greek for dwarf and refers to small, compact aquariums not exceeding 30 gallons. Most common are 10 gallons or less. Nano tanks are integrated systems, equipped with all accessories needed for a specific habitat. As the aquarium size shrinks so does the number of suitable fish and other livestock options. The need for […]

Keeping African Dwarf Frogs in the aquarium

The African Dwarf Frog is an aquatic species and cannot survive on land. Two to three inches in length, these dark-green colored frogs prefer small stoned smooth gravel. Hiding spaces provided by plants, rocks, or driftwood are essential. A well-maintained fish tank with community fish, a stable environment, and a gentle current will provide them […]

The importance of oxygen in the aquarium

How important is oxygen in the aquarium? This is a subject that is not often discussed or taken under consideration. Obviously, fish need oxygen to breathe, plants need oxygen at night and the beneficial bacteria need oxygen to break down (oxygenate) waste. Basically everything that dies off or decays in the aquarium requires and therefore […]

Cycling the aquarium without fish

An aquarium is considered safe for livestock once the nitrogen cycle has completed, and the natural biological filtration has been established and is working. The nitrogen cycle converts toxic ammonia to nitrate by oxidation through bacteria. These bacteria make the water safe for fish, a process that starts as soon as ammonia is present. The […]