Is the aquarium water change harmful to fish?

The water change is the most basic and essential part of . But can it harm or kill fish? Waste easily accumulates in poorly and irregularly maintained aquariums. This waste is visible as mulm in and under the gravel. Waste also accumulates in corners inside the filter, and in tubing. Further, waste collects inside the aquarium, […]

Keeping African Dwarf Frogs in the aquarium

The African Dwarf Frog is an aquatic species and cannot survive on land. Two to three inches in length, these dark-green colored frogs prefer small stoned smooth gravel. Hiding spaces provided by plants, rocks, or driftwood are essential. A well-maintained fish tank with community fish, a stable environment, and a gentle current will provide them […]

How to maintain a reef tank

Create and maintain a reef tank. Here’s our quick guide on a successful reef aquarium: Calcium Calcium is the building block for coral skeletons. The skeletons are made of calcium carbonate, which is supplied through the water column. Levels should be at 420 ppm. Coral growth will be limited if levels are below 360 ppm. Calcification will […]

Bacteria and antibiotics in the aquarium

Friendly bacteria include the scavenging, decomposing bacteria digesting uneaten fish food, plant matter, dead algae, and basically everything that consist of organic matter. The  aka nitrifiers aka beneficial bacteria, convert  (resulting from bacterial activity, fish waste etc.) into the less toxic compounds of  and . On rare occasions, denitrifying bacteria can settle in oxygen free areas […]

Fish stress and illness in the aquarium

Everything outside the required environmental- or behavioral needs of your fish causes stress. Stress greatly affects the health, reduces the life span, and increases your fishes’ vulnerability for diseases. Stress is also the main cause of a deteriorating slime coat that protects the fish. This slime coat is the defense system toward infections. Fish can […]

The importance of oxygen in the aquarium

How important is oxygen in the aquarium? This is a subject that is not often discussed or taken under consideration. Obviously, fish need oxygen to breathe, plants need oxygen at night and the beneficial bacteria need oxygen to break down (oxygenate) waste. Basically everything that dies off or decays in the aquarium requires and therefore […]

UV Sterilization is used to eliminate parasites and bacteria from saltwater aquariums

Ultraviolet sterilization (UV) is a process to eliminate biological contamination, namely parasite fungus and bacteria. Two types are commercially available, both in tube size. Generally the one containing a wet bulb -at which the water passes directly past the UV bulb- is cheaper. The other type available has a protective quartz tube around the bulb […]