Cloudy aquarium water and Algone

Cloudy water can hit any aquarium at any stage, at any time. The causes are as plentiful as the solutions. Green (free-floating algae) or white (bacteria bloom) discolorations are generally caused by a similar set of causes. To simplify they are caused by an over saturation of waste in the aquarium. Waste can accumulate by […]

Nitrifying bacteria and the breakdown of waste in the aquarium

Nitrifying bacteria aka the good or beneficial bacteria, are present after successfully . Nitrifying bacteria provide natural biological aquarium filtration and are responsible for breaking down organic waste within the fish tank. Transforming ammonia to nitrite, and nitrite to nitrates. Nitrifying bacteria settle on rocks, gravel, filter media, sand, bio-wheels, etc. Let’s take a closer look: Nitrifying bacteria […]

Aquarium filtration and the various filter options for your fish tank

Aquarium filtration is the single most important requirement for a successful fish tank. In this post we focus on the 3 basic types of aquarium filtration, and of course each aquarium filter itself. Biological Filtration Biological filtration is the term used to describe beneficial bacteria, which are established during the initial cycling of the aquarium. These […]

Activated carbon and chemical aquarium filtration

Carbonization is a complex procedure by which the carbon content of organic material is formed by burning anaerobically. Materials best suited for carbonization are charcoal (bituminous), brown coal (lignite), wood, or coconut shells which naturally contain a large amount of the element carbon. The carbonized base material is then subjected to steam, which increases the […]

Chemical aquarium filtration

The complexity and diversity of each aquarium, makes every tank unique. If we look at nature we realize that it did not intend for us to keep a large number of fish and other life forms in a small, enclosed environment. As an aquarium owner it is therefore our responsibility to maintain the environment within […]

Aquarium water parameters for a balanced fish tank

Below is an overview of vital aquarium water parameters. pH, nitrogen compounds, phosphate, silicate, chlorine, along with water hardness should be balanced for a healthy fish tank. Imbalances can trigger common problems such as algae outbreaks caused by high nitrates, and many other problems. Water Hardness General Hardness (GH) GH primarily measures calcium and magnesium […]