Cloudy aquarium water and Algone

Cloudy water can hit any aquarium at any stage, at any time. The causes are as plentiful as the solutions. Green (free-floating algae) or white (bacteria bloom) discolorations are generally caused by a similar set of causes. To simplify they are caused by an over saturation of waste in the aquarium. Waste can accumulate by […]

Getting rid of algae in aquarium

Getting rid of algae in aquariums is a multistep process which requires time. Resist using algaecides as they only cover up the symptoms instead of eliminating the conditions that cause algae growth. Once algae become a problem in the aquarium, a water test will not always be conclusive in determining the cause of the outbreak […]

The secret to crystal clear aquarium water

Most, if not all bad things that can happen within the fish tank are caused by chemical and/or biological imbalances of the aquarium water. High nitrate in particular can wreak havoc on the aquarium’s appearance. While nitrates aren’t visible to the eye, their effects certainly are. Clear aquarium water is the most common victim of […]

Are nitrates harmful for my aquarium?

Aquarium nitrate is inevitable as it results from the break down of waste. Below is a brief outline of the main effects nitrate has on the fish tank. Nitrate is a primary food source for algae. Nitrate levels above 10 ppm often cause and fuel rapid algae growth in the aquarium.  (a free-floating algae bloom) […]

How to clear cloudy aquarium water

What is cloudy water? In short, it’s a bacterial bloom. However it is not the beneficial bacteria normally referred to as . Before those get to work, another set of bacteria is needed. These “scavengers” are heterotrophic bacteria, which feed off organic waste in the fish tank. This feeding process represents the first stage of […]

What is cloudy aquarium water?

If you just started your aquarium, or recently changed the gravel and are experiencing a grayish discoloration of the aquarium water, don’t panic. The gravel was probably still dirty. The free-floating dirt particles should settle and get trapped in the external filtration fairly quickly. A light haze after siphoning the gravel is harmless, and is […]

Effective aquarium algae control and prevention

Once algae becomes a problem, treating the cause is required for a lasting and successful solution. Treating algae directly is not effective algae control. Real aquarium algae control is not accomplished by dumping chemicals into the tank. While chemicals may destroy the algae, in the long-term they worsen the conditions in the aquarium, making renewed […]

Where does aquarium nitrate come from?

There are various sources of aquarium nitrate, some can be avoided and some are inevitable. Remember, high nitrate concentrations in the fish tank are the primary cause of algae outbreaks and green aquarium water! Avoidable sources of aquarium nitrate Tap water contains nitrate This includes both city and well water. City water is normally regulated […]