Preventing Aquarium Nitrate

Nitrates are the end result of the  – or oxidation process – that begins with . One step ahead and the main source of ammonia of course, is organic matter, which is anything organic in nature that decomposes. Organic matter largely consists of fish waste, uneaten fish food, dead plant matter & algae, and all […]

The secret to crystal clear aquarium water

Most, if not all bad things that can happen within the fish tank are caused by chemical and/or biological imbalances of the aquarium water. High nitrate in particular can wreak havoc on the aquarium’s appearance. While nitrates aren’t visible to the eye, their effects certainly are. Clear aquarium water is the most common victim of […]

Nitrifying bacteria and the breakdown of waste in the aquarium

Nitrifying bacteria aka the good or beneficial bacteria, are present after successfully . Nitrifying bacteria provide natural biological aquarium filtration and are responsible for breaking down organic waste within the fish tank. Transforming ammonia to nitrite, and nitrite to nitrates. Nitrifying bacteria settle on rocks, gravel, filter media, sand, bio-wheels, etc. Let’s take a closer look: Nitrifying bacteria […]

Cynaobacteria aka red slime algae

Cyanobacteria appear in both salt- and freshwater setups and are known as red slime or blue-green algae. Cyano is a hybrid, a mixture between plant and bacteria. It has therefore plant, as well as bacterial characteristics and is considered the evolutionary link between plants and bacteria. The “algae-bacteria” is always present in eevery setup Cyano […]

Ammonia in the aquarium and its effects on fish life

Ammonia buildup results from a breakdown of fish metabolism. Since ammonia (NH3) constantly converts to ammonium (NH4+) and vice versa, ammonia test kits usually measure both, resulting in a total ammonia (ammonia-N) concentration. In an established tank, the reading of this test needs to show an undetectable level at all times. A detectable presence of […]