Aquarium Maintenance Simplified

 Maintain a Crystal Clear & Balanced Aquarium with ALGONE

Dual Action - Corrects & Protects

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Algone solves and prevents common aquarium problems. Algone fits any filter system and can be used in fresh and saltwater aquariums, including sensitive reef and plant tanks.

All natural Algone clears cloudy aquarium water, lowers and removes excess nitrates and ammonia from the fish tank, and polishes the water to a crystal clear sparkle.

The water balancing properties of Algone create a healthy aquatic environment in which fish, plants, corals, invertabrates, etc thrive.

Versatile & Effective

Clear & Maintain a Healthy Aquarium

Remove Nitrate, Ammonia and Nitrite

Restore the Aquarium’s Biological Balance

Remove Harmful Waste & Pollutants

Protect & Enhance Fish Health

Enjoy a Beautiful & Healthy Aquarium

Freshwater, Saltwater, Reef & Planted Tanks

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Use in freshwater, saltwater, planted, and delicate reef tanks.

Algone comes as an easy to use drop-in-filter pouch. No tedious dosing.

Use in aquariums 5 gallons and larger.

Available in two convenient sizes to fit any filter and any size aquarium.

Benefits both, problem tanks and healthy aquariums.
ALGONE solves & prevents problems while simplifying aquarium maintenance.

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Small & Medium Aquariums

5 – 110 gallons

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Large Aquariums

110 gallons & up

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How much ALGONE do I need?

During the initial application Algone should be replaced weekly. Once the aquarium is balanced, crystal clear, and nitrates are at desired levels Algone can be used every 2 – 4 weeks for preventive maintenance.

Does ALGONE have any side effects?

There are no side effects. Algone is free of chemicals and is non-toxic. Algone is an all-natural, organic treatment that gently balances the aquarium.

Is ALGONE safe for corals?

Yes, Algone is safe for corals, polyps, and live rock. Algone creates and maintains a low nitrate environment in which corals and polyps can thrive.

Can I use ALGONE in my saltwater aquarium?

Yes, Algone can be used in saltwater, as well as reef and brackish tanks. Algone is non-toxic and chemical-free, making it a great choice for sensitive aquatic eco-systems. It performs with the same efficiency as it does in freshwater aquariums.

How do I use ALGONE?

Algone is placed directly into the filtration system. The Algone Pouch will fit any filter type or sump. For problem solving (to clear cloudy water or reduce nitrates & ammonia) apply Algone once a week until you have achieved desired results. Use Algone one to two times a month for preventive maintenance in the healthy aquarium.

What size aquarium is ALGONE for?

Algone is safe and effective for use in any size aquarium. Use in tanks ranging from one to thousands of gallons. Algone is used by hobbyists, retailers, breeders, aquarium maintenance professionals, and even professional zookeepers.

Is ALGONE safe for my plants?

Nitrate forms constantly and is available to the plants even at undetectable levels. Replace Algone less frequently if older leaves show a slight yellowish/red discoloration (nitrogen deficiency). As a notable benefit Algone enhances the bio-availability of certain nutrients and minerals essential to plant growth.