Aquarium Fish Medications

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The following fish medication information is to provide the aquarium keeper with a basic overview about available treatments for various aquarium fish ailments. Always follow each product’s instructions and recommended application methods. Always consult a professional if there are any doubts regarding the diagnosis of a fish disease and recommended treatment.

Sulfonamides (Sulfas)

Used to treat:

  • Mild infections (scratches/ redness/ wounds)
  • Fin rot
  • Tail rot
  • Clamped fins
  • Cotton mouth / fungus (mild columnaris)

Broad spectrum, affecting gram negative and positive bacteria, by Inhibiting the synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins, which is an essential part of the metabolic pathway of the bacteria.

Sulfas are bacteriostatic, inhibiting the growth and multiplication of bacteria. They do not kill the bacteria.

Sulfas work best in higher pH environments, and are considered safe for fish, plants, and the bio filter if used as indicated. For use in fresh and marine aquariums. 

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