Aquarium Water Clarifier & Nitrate Remover

For Freshwater, Saltwater, Reef & Planted Aquariums

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Maintain a Healthy Aquarium

The Complete Aquarium Maintenance Solution

  • Use in any kind of aquarium
  • Clear cloudy aquarium water
  • Remove nitrate, ammonia, and dissolved organic pollutants
  • Correct and prevent many common aquarium problems
  • Maintain a crystal clear and balanced aquarium
  • Save time maintaining your aquarium
  • Each box contains 6 easy-to-use filter pouches

The Perfect Filter Supplement For Freshwater Aquariums

  • Reduces fish stress caused by harmful nutrients
  • Polishes aquarium water crystal clear
  • Safe for all freshwater fish and live plants
  • Safe for bottom feeders, snails, plecos, and frogs

ALGONE purifies aquarium water by eliminating cloudiness and removing nitrates, ensuring the tank maintains its biological equilibrium. It also wards off issues stemming from declining water quality.

ALGONE continuously filters out nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia, safeguarding aquatic life from these potentially hazardous nutrients. In doing so, it not only creates an optimal environment for fish to flourish but also gives the water a pristine, crystal-clear shine.

100% Chemical-Free ALGONE Is Perfect For Delicate Saltwater & Reef Aquariums

  • Safe for invertebrates and corals
  • Removes soluble organic impurities
  • Increases dissolved oxygen levels
  • Removes soluble carbohydrate and protein
  • Protects trace elements

Maintaining a sensitive reef aquarium? ALGONE establishes an optimal low-nutrient setting for a flourishing reef tank!

ALGONE clears cloudy aquarium water, eliminates nitrates, and upholds the tank’s biological harmony, guarding against issues from declining water conditions.

ALGONE meticulously filters out contaminants before they can adversely affect the delicate reef surroundings. Extracting surplus nitrates, both organic and inorganic impurities, carbohydrates, and proteins is crucial for the well-being of a reef tank.

Download Algone Instructions (PDF)

For aquariums 110 gallons & up

For aquariums up to 110 gallons

Algone in Saltwater Aquariums

Use ALGONE in saltwater aquariums! Keep the aquarium balanced, the fish healthy, and the water sparkling clear! Pristine, Balanced & Crystal Clear Saltwater Aquariums What Algone does: Clears cloudy aquarium water, removes nitrates, restores and

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much ALGONE do I need?

During the initial application Algone should be replaced weekly. Once the aquarium is balanced, crystal clear, and nitrates are at desired levels Algone can be used every 2 – 4 weeks for preventive maintenance.

Does ALGONE have any side effects?

There are no side effects. Algone is free of chemicals and is non-toxic. Algone is an all-natural, organic treatment that gently balances the aquarium.

Is ALGONE safe for corals?

Yes, Algone is safe for corals, polyps, and live rock. Algone creates and maintains a low nitrate environment in which corals and polyps can thrive.

Can I use ALGONE in my saltwater aquarium?

Yes, Algone can be used in saltwater, as well as reef and brackish tanks. Algone is non-toxic and chemical-free, making it a great choice for sensitive aquatic eco-systems. It performs with the same efficiency as it does in freshwater aquariums.

How do I use ALGONE?

Algone is placed directly into the filtration system. The Algone Pouch will fit any filter type or sump. For problem solving (to clear cloudy water or reduce nitrates & ammonia) apply Algone once a week until you have achieved desired results. Use Algone one to two times a month for preventive maintenance in the healthy aquarium.

What size aquarium is ALGONE for?

Algone is safe and effective for use in any size aquarium. Use in tanks ranging from one to thousands of gallons. Algone is used by hobbyists, retailers, breeders, aquarium maintenance professionals, and even professional zookeepers.

Is ALGONE safe for my plants?

Nitrate forms constantly and is available to the plants even at undetectable levels. Replace Algone less frequently if older leaves show a slight yellowish/red discoloration (nitrogen deficiency). As a notable benefit Algone enhances the bio-availability of certain nutrients and minerals essential to plant growth.

The Forward-Thinking Aquarium Approach

For an aquarium to truly flourish, it’s crucial to keep nutrients in check. As waste decomposes, nitrates inevitably accumulate without proactive measures.

Water replacement, a time-honored strategy for managing nitrates, often proves cumbersome, messy, and at times, not entirely effective.

By incorporating Algone in between these water changes, you can enhance steady nitrate reduction. This paves the way for a balanced aquarium environment and brilliantly clear water.

Though live plants and reef systems can assimilate certain amounts of nitrates, they might not be sufficient to combat the detrimental effects of excessive levels.

Turn to ALGONE for savvy aquarium stewardship.

Aquarium Nutrient Dynamics

In every aquarium, the presence of nutrients like ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate is inevitable, stemming from the constant waste accumulation. With attentive care, levels of ammonia and nitrite should remain undetectable. Yet, nitrate emerges as the culminating product of the aquarium’s organic waste decomposition process and will continue to build up unless it’s addressed.

The repercussions of excessive nitrate in the aquarium have been extensively studied. The fallout can range from the proliferation of algae, a greenish hue in the aquarium water, and reduced levels of dissolved oxygen to stressed fish, compromised reproductive capacities, faded fish hues, potential harm to corals and invertebrates, and impaired growth in young fish.

Effortless Solution for Clear Aquarium Water, Nutrient Management, & Effective Maintenance

Turn to nature with the chemical-free ALGONE in your aquarium filter.

ALGONE is more than just a filter additive; it’s a holistic approach. Instead of mere chemical interventions, ALGONE addresses the underlying issues that compromise the clarity and aesthetic of your aquarium.

Issues like cloudy or green-tinted water and excessive algae growth are mere symptoms of an underlying biological imbalance in the water. It’s essential to recognize these not as isolated problems but as signs pointing towards an imbalance.

Rather than merely treating the symptoms, ALGONE targets the root causes. It’s worth emphasizing that ALGONE isn’t an algaecide and doesn’t act directly on algae.
By incorporating ALGONE into your aquarium’s filter, you ensure the consistent removal of nitrates between water changes. The outcome? A brilliantly clear and well-balanced aquatic environment.

Given ALGONE’s natural and chemical-free composition, it’s a safe and mild choice for diverse aquarium setups, from freshwater and saltwater tanks to reef and planted aquascapes.

Solve and Prevent with Algone

Use Algone to solve ongoing aquarium problems

The aquarium filter removes waste particles from the water, but it does not remove them from the aquatic environment. Waste trapped by the filter continues to decay, resulting in the production of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate.

Regular use of Algone efficiently removes these nutrients, preventing their negative impact on the health and appearance of the aquarium. Absorbed nutrients are safely retained within the Algone pouch. They will not release them back into the water.

While water changes, as well as filter & gravel cleanings are vital maintenance tasks, Algone balances and maintains a healthy tank in between physical maintenance.

Add Algone to Your Aquarium Filter

Algone continuously removes waste and nutrients from the aquarium, therefore preventing many common problems related to poor water quality

Algone continuously removes waste from the water – the benefits of this are clear… literally!

Accumulating waste is the cause many common aquarium problems. Algae growth, green aquarium water, cloudy water, fish stress and disease are just a few examples.

Decaying organic waste in the aquarium results in ammonia, nitrite, and finally nitrate.

Ammonia and nitrite are highly toxic and will cause extreme stress on fish, leading to death in cases of prolonged exposure.

Nitrate promotes green water and algae growth, because it is the ideal food for algae. It’s a fertilizer! High nitrate levels cause green aquarium water and algae outbreaks.