Zooxanthellae and Corals

Blue Ring Angelfish

Zooxanthellae are the symbiotic algae that live within the hard or stony corals. The symbiotic relation is based on the corals inability to generate sufficient amounts of food and the algaeā€™s ability for photosynthesis and converting chemical elements into energy.

How to Clear Green Aquarium Water

Powder Blue Tang

When aquarium water turns green it’s important to keep calm and take measured steps to clear the aquarium water. Sometimes good intentions can make things worse.

Aquarium UV Sterilization

Blue Tang

Ultraviolet sterilization (UV) is a process to eliminate biological contamination, namely parasite fungus and bacteria.

Common Aquarium Fish Diseases

Blue Tang in reef tank

Our overview and brief description of common aquarium fish diseases. Always consult your local fish store for more precise diagnosis and treatment options.

Aquarium Fish Health

Fish in reef tank

Assuring best aquarium fish health starts with the selection of the fish themselves and continues with good maintenance and fish care.

Aquariums and Power Outages

tiger barbs in aquarium

What happens to an aquarium when the power goes out? Short term power outages are usually harmless, but a plan of action is need when the aquarium is without power for an extended time.

Ich (Ick) and Your Aquarium Fish

Yellow African Cichlid

Ich is the most common fish disease the aquarium owner experiences at one point or another. Immediate action is required to treat this highly contagious parasite.

Cynaobacteria aka Red Slime Algae


Cyanobacteria are a pretty common occurrence in saltwater and reef aquariums. An outbreak is often experienced within the first year of the tank’s life.