Nitrites and the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

Fish in a planted aquarium

Nitrites are a natural part of the aquarium nitrogen cycle. Nitrite is highly toxic for fish and levels must be kept undetectable at all times. Nitrite can quickly become lethal for fish.

Cycling the Aquarium Without Fish

Yellow Cichlid Fish in Aquarium

Traditionally a fish tank is setup with live fish from the onset. It exposes fish to high levels of toxicity. To avoid this, consider cycling the aquarium without fish.

Choosing the Right Aquarium Substrate

Flowerhorn Cichlid

Substrate will have an impact on the look of your aquarium. The preferred look is a personal choice, but beware of other effects the substrate has on the aquarium.

Effects of Ammonia on Aquarium Fish

Pleco Catfish Hypostomus Plecostomus aquarium fish

Ammonia is a toxic by-product of the aquarium nitrogen cycle. It’s the first nutrient produced by nitrifying bacteria. Ammonia should never be detectable in an established aquarium.

Chemical Aquarium Filtration

Naso Tang

Chemical aquarium filtration sounds more complicated then it is. While the processes may be technical in nature, it is easily achieved with activated carbon.

Setting Up Your First Aquarium

Gold fish in first aquarium

Tips for the beginner setting up an aquarium for the first time. Here are our recommendations for tank size, filter, and other essential equipment.

Choose Compatible Fish for a New Aquarium

Fish in blue water

Avoid aquarium disaster by carefully selecting compatible fish. It’s in the description “community” tank. Your goal is to combine species that live peacefully in one community.

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