Aquarium Cycling Without Fish

Clown Fish in anemone

Consider cycling your aquarium without live fish. Using pure ammonia to cycle the aquarium avoids fish being exposed to harmful nutrients during the process.

The Small Aquarium

Guppy fish

Small aquariums can present a greater challenge. A small aquarium can be very rewarding, but beware that the limited volume is less forgiving if overstocked or overfed..

Freshwater Fish Habitats

Small cichlid

Interested in where common freshwater fish come from? We put together a brief overview of the natural habitats of some popular aquarium fish species.

Nitrate & the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

Colorful saltwater fish in reef tank

Aquarium nitrate is the final by-product of the nitrogen cycle. It’s the least toxic nutrient, however it must be regularly removed to avoid algae outbreaks.

Aquarium Water Parameters

Testing aquarium water

A successful aquarium requires water parameters to be routinely checked and adjustments be made when needed.

The Brackish Aquarium

silver dollar Metynnis hypsauchen

Brackish habitats can be found in nature throughout the world where river deltas meet the ocean. These environments are known as estuaries, mangrove forests or swamps.

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