New Tank Syndrome

Setting up new aquarium

New tank syndrome is a common challenge many new aquarium owners face after initial setup of a fish tank. Learn how to overcome it.

Is a Nano Tank Right for Me?

Nano Reef Tank

Maintaining a nano tank has its own specific challenges. The smaller the aquarium, the greater the need for accuracy when maintaining and caring for fish.

Algaecides and Aquarium Algae Control

Red head salmler hemmigrammus rhodostonus

Most algaecides have a limited effect because they do not correct the underlying problems leading to algae growth in the aquarium. They treat the symptoms, but not the cause.

The Dutch Style Aquarium

The ideal pH level for planted aquariums is anywhere between 6 - 8.5

The Dutch style aquarium refers to a specific style of planted aquarium dating back to the early 1900’s.

Nitrate Control is Real Aquarium Algae Control

Yellow tang in reef tank

High nitrates in the aquarium inevitably results in algae outbreaks. This can be thick algae growth or green aquarium water. Controlling nitrates is the best option for controlling algae in the aquarium.

LED Aquarium Lighting

LED aquarium lights

Energy efficient, low heat LED lights are the best choice aquarium light for reef aquariums. Traditionally reef lighting came at a high energy cost.

Choosing the Right Aquarium Fish Food

Golden pufferfish in fish-only saltwater aquarium

With all the aquarium fish food offerings available, it’s easy to get confused about what food is right for your fish. Learn more about fish foods here.

Large Aquarium vs The Small Fish Tank

Powder Blue Tang in reef tank

Budget, available space, and personal preference determines the size of our aquarium. For the beginner however, the right size aquarium can simplify fish keeping.