Using Salt in the Freshwater Aquarium

African cichlids in freshwater aquarium

Using salt in freshwater aquariums is a personal choice. While salt is not a requirement, the benefits may very well be worth getting into the practice of using salt.

Chemical Aquarium Filtration

Naso Tang

Chemical aquarium filtration sounds more complicated then it is. While the processes may be technical in nature, it is easily achieved with activated carbon.

Toxic Aquarium Water & Fish Poisoning

Yellow fish

There are a number of common nutrients and conditions in the aquarium that can turn the water toxic and poison the fish. Learn more about fish poisoning here.

Soft Corals in the Reef Tank

Polyp Coral

No reef aquarium would be complete without soft corals. Soft corals provide their own unique textures and colors to any reef environment.

Live rock in the reef aquarium

Reef Aquarium

Live rock is the foundation of the reef aquarium. Live rock also establishes biological filtration. Combined with a protein skimmer, it can meet all the filtration requirements for your reef.

Setting Up Your First Aquarium

Gold fish in first aquarium

Tips for the beginner setting up an aquarium for the first time. Here are our recommendations for tank size, filter, and other essential equipment.

Fertilizing Aquarium Plants

Discus fish in planted tank

Fertilizing aquarium plants requires light, CO2 and pH to be balanced to be effective. Simply adding fertilizer to the planted tank may do more harm then good.

Choose Compatible Fish for a New Aquarium

Fish in blue water

Avoid aquarium disaster by carefully selecting compatible fish. It’s in the description “community” tank. Your goal is to combine species that live peacefully in one community.

Aquarium Cycling Without Fish

Clown Fish in anemone

Consider cycling your aquarium without live fish. Using pure ammonia to cycle the aquarium avoids fish being exposed to harmful nutrients during the process.