Worms in the Aquarium

African cichlid in fish tank

Worms in the aquarium. Are they common? Who can get them? What can I do about them? And what do they mean for the health of my fish?

What is Coral Bleaching?

Coral Anatomy

Coral bleaching refers to the acute release or loss of the symbiotic algae zooxanthellae from the coral tissue.

The Small Aquarium

Guppy fish

Small aquariums can present a greater challenge. A small aquarium can be very rewarding, but beware that the limited volume is less forgiving if overstocked or overfed..

Freshwater Fish Habitats

Small cichlid

Interested in where common freshwater fish come from? We put together a brief overview of the natural habitats of some popular aquarium fish species.

How Much Should I Feed My Aquarium Fish?

Feeding fish

The primary cause of many aquarium problems is accumulating waste in the water. Fish food is the main source of this waste, often resulting in high nutrients and green water.

The Brackish Aquarium

silver dollar Metynnis hypsauchen

Brackish habitats can be found in nature throughout the world where river deltas meet the ocean. These environments are known as estuaries, mangrove forests or swamps.