Can Algone be recharged?

No, Algone can not be recharged. Simply discard any used product and replace with fresh Algone Pouches.

How much Algone will I need?

During the initial application the Algone should be replaced weekly. Once the aquarium is balanced, crystal clear, and nitrates are at desired levels Algone can be used every 2 – 4 weeks for preventive maintenance.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects. Algone is free of chemicals and is non-toxic. Algone is an all-natural, organic treatment that gently balances the aquarium.

Does Algone clear cloudy aquarium water?

Algone polishes the water and removes waste and pollutants that causes water to become cloudy. While other treatments only provide for a temporary ‘cosmetic’ fix of the problem Algone corrects the cause, therefore providing a … Read More…

Will Algone harm my plants?

Nitrate forms constantly and is available to the plants even at undetectable levels. Replace Algone less frequently if older leaves show a slight yellowish/red discoloration (nitrogen deficiency). As a notable benefit Algone enhances the bio-availability … Read More…

Will my algae eater starve?

Algae are a natural part of a balanced and well maintained aquarium. A balanced tank will always produce some algae but never enough to take over or become a nuissance. Keeping nitrates low is key … Read More…

How much nitrate will Algone remove?

Nitrates will be lowered to almost undetectable levels. The time frame depends on several conditions. Nitrate is the result of pollutants in the aquarium. An aquarium with relatively low pollution can be treated in as … Read More…

Does Algone remove medication?

No, Algone does not remove any medication and can therefore remain in the filter while treating the aquarium for other problems.

Can I use Algone in a 5 gallon aquarium?

Algone is safe and effective for use in any size aquarium. Use in tanks ranging from one to thousands of gallons. Algone is used by hobbyists, retailers, breeders, aquarium maintenance professionals, and even professional zookeepers.

How do I use Algone?

Algone is placed directly into the filtration system. The Algone Pouch will fit any filter type or sump. For problem solving (to clear cloudy water or reduce nitrates & ammonia) apply Algone once a week … Read More…