Choosing the Right Aquarium Fish Food

Golden pufferfish in fish-only saltwater aquarium

With all the aquarium fish food offerings available, it’s easy to get confused about what food is right for your fish. Learn more about fish foods here.

What causes cloudy aquarium water?

Striped african cichlid

The 3 common causes of cloudy aquarium water are free-floating substrate particles, green water caused by algae, and white cloudiness which indicate a bacterial bloom.

Where Does Aquarium Nitrate Come From?

Clown trigger fish

Nitrate can not be avoided in aquariums. Nitrate results from the natural break down of waste inside the fish tank. Learn more about its sources and how to minimize overall nitrate.

Bacteria and Antibiotics in the Aquarium

Large polyp coral

Any time a bacterial disease occurs adjustments in the aquatic environment need to be made in order to lessen and to eliminate stress causing factors to the fish. Bacterial diseases should be treated with antibiotics, preferably in a quarantine tank.

Aquarium Fish Food and Diet Requirements

Flake food for aquarium fish

Providing the correct diet is essential for fish growth and health. Dietary deficiencies can shorten the lifespan of fish, cause diseases, and contribute to a deteriorating water quality.

The Aquarium Water Change

Copperbanded butterflyfish

Water changes remove nitrates and pollutants from the aquarium. Water changes also replenish the aquarium with essential minerals and trace elements important for healthy fish life.

How Much Should I Feed My Aquarium Fish?

Feeding fish

The primary cause of many aquarium problems is accumulating waste in the water. Fish food is the main source of this waste, often resulting in high nutrients and green water.

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