How to Catch a Fish in an Aquarium

Few discus fish in aquarium

Anyone who has ever attempted to catch a fish in the aquarium knows this can be a challenging and frustrating task.

It’s not uncommon to chase after the fish with a net. Depending on the size and speed of the fish, as well as the tank’s decor, this can be a daunting task. Even if successful after several attempts, this method puts a lot of stress on the fish, not only making it unhappy but also making it more vulnerable to disease.

Removing all the decor may seem like a good option, but this disturbs the entire aquarium by kicking up dirt and debris. It also changes all established territories and hiding places with the fish tank.

Next time you need to remove a fish from the aquarium try this first:

Use a large net and dip it in the tank with the opening angled toward the water surface. Now place some food (any sinking variety your fish eat) inside the net. This method may require some patience, but wait for the fish to go for the food. If you plan ahead of time, we recommend not feeding the fish for a day or two prior to removal. This should help speed the process.

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davidlee rusteau

please help i had recently keeping some gold fish and had them for a couple of months so i changed the water in the tank and transfered them into another bowl but soon after the fish started to die all four am so disappointed in myself ,keep asking myself what the hell did i do wrong.


Could be many reasons, did you have a bubbler in the bowl to make sure your fish were getting oxygen. Did you use the water from the tank in the bowl as using just fresh water will stress them out.

Thank you. I like the way you explain why. We have had a fish tank for over 30 years. To day, I changed the way I use salt, and will start to catch fish with food in a net. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything so clearly.

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