Is the Water Change Harmful?

Aquarium water changes can have your fish jumping for relief

Without a doubt, the water change is the most important part of aquarium maintenance. But can the aquarium water change have negative effects on the fish tank?

Sick Aquarium Fish

Colorful African Cichlid

Signs that the fish might be sick include clamped fins, irregular behavior, darting, smashing into things, loosing weight, fading color, and floating.

Bacteria and Antibiotics in the Aquarium

Large polyp coral

Any time a bacterial disease occurs adjustments in the aquatic environment need to be made in order to lessen and to eliminate stress causing factors to the fish. Bacterial diseases should be treated with antibiotics, preferably in a quarantine tank.

Aquarium Fish Stress


Poor water quality causes stress on aquarium fish, making them more susceptible to illness. Disease resistance increases with reduced fish stress.

Aquarium UV Sterilization

Blue Tang

Ultraviolet sterilization (UV) is a process to eliminate biological contamination, namely parasite fungus and bacteria.

Common Aquarium Fish Diseases

Blue Tang in reef tank

Our overview and brief description of common aquarium fish diseases. Always consult your local fish store for more precise diagnosis and treatment options.

Aquarium Fish Health

Fish in reef tank

Assuring best aquarium fish health starts with the selection of the fish themselves and continues with good maintenance and fish care.

Ich (Ick) and Your Aquarium Fish

Yellow African Cichlid

Ich is the most common fish disease the aquarium owner experiences at one point or another. Immediate action is required to treat this highly contagious parasite.

Aquarium Fish Food and Diet Requirements

Flake food for aquarium fish

Providing the correct diet is essential for fish growth and health. Dietary deficiencies can shorten the lifespan of fish, cause diseases, and contribute to a deteriorating water quality.

Using Salt in the Freshwater Aquarium

African cichlids in freshwater aquarium

Using salt in freshwater aquariums is a personal choice. While salt is not a requirement, the benefits may very well be worth getting into the practice of using salt.

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