The secret to crystal clear aquarium water

Green water and algae in the aquarium are the result of high nitrates

Most, if not all bad things that can happen within the fish tank are caused by chemical and/or biological imbalances of the aquarium water.

High nitrate in particular can wreak havoc on the aquarium’s appearance. While nitrates aren’t visible to the eye, their effects certainly are.

Clear aquarium water is the most common victim of accumulating nitrate. The result can be green water, cloudy water, and algae growth.

Nitrate is an ion, which plants can absorb. As such it is a main ingredient in common plant fertilizers.

Using Algone to remove unwanted aquarium nitrate

The first line of defense against rising nitrate is the water change.

Another convenient tool is Algone as part of your regular aquarium maintenance routine.

First we should note that Algone is an all-natural, chemical-free, aquarium treatment product. This makes Algone safe, gentle, and versatile to use in any kind of fish tank.

Other chemical aquarium products and medications only mask the real problem by offering temporary relief of the symptoms. Once the medication wears off, those symptoms are sure to return, often worse then before.

Using Algone goes to the root of the problem. Cloudy aquarium water, green aquarium water, and even algae growth are only symptoms of other imbalances within the aquarium’s water. None of these should be treated as the problem itself.

To be clear, Algone is not an algaecide and has no direct effect on algae itself.

Algone removes nitrate from the aquarium water, thereby eliminating the well-known negative effects they have on the appearance of the fish tank.

Learn more about Algone:

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Kirk Mack

Is it safe to use alone to aquarium while the fish is still in the water

Yes, absolutely. Algone is a filter supplement that can be used to solve high nitrate & ammonia problems, as well as clear cloudy water. Using Algone every 2 – 4 weeks helps prevent many aquarium problems related to poor water quality.


Does anyone know if using Algone in a fresh water aquariums influence the function or the well being of beneficial bacteria in the filter in any way?

Algone will not negatively affect the beneficial bacteria.


From where i can get algone??

Use this link to order Algone. You can also check your local pet store or search the internet for more Algone outlets.