Maintain a Reef Tank with Algone

Large polyp coral

Running a delicate reef aquarium? ALGONE creates the perfect low-nutrient environment for a healthy, thriving, and crystal clear reef tank.

How to Maintain a Reef Tank

Reef Aquarium

Interested in setting up a reef aquarium? Already have a reef set up? Review our quick guide on how to successfully maintain a reef tank.

LED Aquarium Lighting

LED aquarium lights

Energy efficient, low heat LED lights are the best choice aquarium light for reef aquariums. Traditionally reef lighting came at a high energy cost.

Zooxanthellae and Corals

Blue Ring Angelfish

Zooxanthellae are the symbiotic algae that live within the hard or stony corals. The symbiotic relation is based on the corals inability to generate sufficient amounts of food and the algaeā€™s ability for photosynthesis and converting chemical elements into energy.

Aquarium UV Sterilization

Blue Tang

Ultraviolet sterilization (UV) is a process to eliminate biological contamination, namely parasite fungus and bacteria.

Caring for Seahorses in the Aquarium

White Seahorses in fish tank

Commercial breeding has made it possible for fish keepers to enjoy the seahorse in the aquarium. Most common tank-bred species are the smooth, lined, or dwarf seahorse.

Soft Corals in the Reef Tank

Polyp Coral

No reef aquarium would be complete without soft corals. Soft corals provide their own unique textures and colors to any reef environment.

Live rock in the reef aquarium

Reef Aquarium

Live rock is the foundation of the reef aquarium. Live rock also establishes biological filtration. Combined with a protein skimmer, it can meet all the filtration requirements for your reef.

What is Coral Bleaching?

Coral Anatomy

Coral bleaching refers to the acute release or loss of the symbiotic algae zooxanthellae from the coral tissue.