Algone in Planted Tanks

Clear cloudy aquarium water and remove nitrate with Algone

What Algone does: Clears cloudy aquarium water, removes nitrates, restores and maintains tank’s biological balance, prevents common problems caused by deteriorating water quality.

Algone restores a healthy balance to the planted aquarium.

• Safe for all aquatic plants
• Increases bio-availability of trace element
• Prevents early precipitation of essential nutrients
• Corrects nutrient imbalances caused by decaying plant matter

Clear cloudy aquarium water, remove nitrates and simplify aquarium maintenance

Algone protects and increases the bioavailability of essential plant micronutrients. 
Protecting micronutrients such as zinc, magnesium, iron, and potassium ensures healthy plant growth.

Removing harmful substances such as excess nitrogen-nitrate and dissolved organics restores the biological balance needed for plants  to flourish while naturally suppressing algae growth.

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