Nitrate Control is Real Aquarium Algae Control

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High nitrates in the aquarium inevitably results in algae outbreaks. This can be thick algae growth or green aquarium water. Controlling nitrates is the best option for controlling algae in the aquarium.

Where Does Aquarium Nitrate Come From?

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Nitrate can not be avoided in aquariums. Nitrate results from the natural break down of waste inside the fish tank. Learn more about its sources and how to minimize overall nitrate.

Nitrites and the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

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Nitrites are a natural part of the aquarium nitrogen cycle. Nitrite is highly toxic for fish and levels must be kept undetectable at all times. Nitrite can quickly become lethal for fish.

Cycling the Aquarium Without Fish

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Traditionally a fish tank is setup with live fish from the onset. It exposes fish to high levels of toxicity. To avoid this, consider cycling the aquarium without fish.

Effects of Ammonia on Aquarium Fish

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Ammonia is a toxic by-product of the aquarium nitrogen cycle. It’s the first nutrient produced by nitrifying bacteria. Ammonia should never be detectable in an established aquarium.

Nitrate & the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

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Aquarium nitrate is the final by-product of the nitrogen cycle. It’s the least toxic nutrient, however it must be regularly removed to avoid algae outbreaks.