New Tank Syndrome

Setting up new aquarium

New tank syndrome is a common challenge many new aquarium owners face after initial setup of a fish tank. Learn how to overcome it.

Is the Water Change Harmful?

Aquarium water changes can have your fish jumping for relief

Without a doubt, the water change is the most important part of aquarium maintenance. But can the aquarium water change have negative effects on the fish tank?

Enjoy Crystal Clear Aquarium Water

Green water and algae in the aquarium are the result of high nitrates

How can you maintain a crystal clear aquarium? Ok, so maybe it’s not a secret, but what we know and don’t know determines the success or failure of our aquarium.

Is a Nano Tank Right for Me?

Nano Reef Tank

Maintaining a nano tank has its own specific challenges. The smaller the aquarium, the greater the need for accuracy when maintaining and caring for fish.

Choosing the Right Aquarium Fish Food

Golden pufferfish in fish-only saltwater aquarium

With all the aquarium fish food offerings available, it’s easy to get confused about what food is right for your fish. Learn more about fish foods here.

Large Aquarium vs The Small Fish Tank

Powder Blue Tang in reef tank

Budget, available space, and personal preference determines the size of our aquarium. For the beginner however, the right size aquarium can simplify fish keeping.

The Importance of Oxygen in the Aquarium

Aquarium goldfish

Most fish keepers don’t think too much about the oxygen on the aquarium. Low oxygen levels are uncommon in healthy fish tanks. Review more aquarium oxygen facts here.