Aquarium Filtration & Filter Options

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Learn about the various aquarium filter types available for your fish tank, ranging from power filters, under gravel filters, to canister filters. Choose the filter that’s right for your aquarium.

Protein Skimmer for Reef Tanks

Clownfish in reef tank

The protein skimmer is highly recommended for every saltwater and reef aquarium. A well adjusted skimmer will remove significant amounts of waste from the water.

Cloudy Aquarium Water and Algone

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Algone is the perfect tool to clear and prevent cloudy aquarium water. Algone maintains a low nutrient environment, which is essential for a healthy and crystal clear aquarium.

Enjoy Crystal Clear Aquarium Water

Green water and algae in the aquarium are the result of high nitrates

How can you maintain a crystal clear aquarium? Ok, so maybe it’s not a secret, but what we know and don’t know determines the success or failure of our aquarium.

Are Nitrates Harmful for my Aquarium?

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So what’s the problem with nitrates in the aquarium? Nitrate is the least toxic nutrient in aquariums, however high nitrate will cause green water and algae outbreaks.

Nitrate Control is Real Aquarium Algae Control

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High nitrates in the aquarium inevitably results in algae outbreaks. This can be thick algae growth or green aquarium water. Controlling nitrates is the best option for controlling algae in the aquarium.

Aquarium UV Sterilization

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Ultraviolet sterilization (UV) is a process to eliminate biological contamination, namely parasite fungus and bacteria.

Kalkwasser in the Marine Aquarium

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Even the most inexperienced hobbyist can easily make Kalkwasser. Kalkwasser is extremely beneficial for corals, coralline algae, and many reef inhabitants.

Using Salt in the Freshwater Aquarium

African cichlids in freshwater aquarium

Using salt in freshwater aquariums is a personal choice. While salt is not a requirement, the benefits may very well be worth getting into the practice of using salt.