Aquarium Filtration & Filter Options

yellow tropical fish

Learn about the various aquarium filter types available for your fish tank, ranging from power filters, under gravel filters, to canister filters. Choose the filter that’s right for your aquarium.

Salinity & Specific Gravity

Lion fish in blue aquarium water

Learn more about salinity and specific gravity for saltwater and reef aquariums. Consistent and stable levels are essential for healthy saltwater fish.

Protein Skimmer for Reef Tanks

Clownfish in reef tank

The protein skimmer is highly recommended for every saltwater and reef aquarium. A well adjusted skimmer will remove significant amounts of waste from the water.

How to Maintain a Reef Tank

Reef Aquarium

Interested in setting up a reef aquarium? Already have a reef set up? Review our quick guide on how to successfully maintain a reef tank.

Preventing Aquarium Nitrate

Reef Aquarium

While nitrates can’t be avoided entirely in the aquarium, there are steps the fish keeper can take to minimize how much nitrate is produced.

Getting Rid of Aquarium Algae

Green algae in aquarium

Algae control can be one of the greatest challenges for the aquarium owner. Understanding what causes algae outbreaks is essential for prevention.