Preventing Aquarium Nitrate

Reef Aquarium

While nitrates can’t be avoided entirely in the aquarium, there are steps the fish keeper can take to minimize how much nitrate is produced.

Enjoy Crystal Clear Aquarium Water

Green water and algae in the aquarium are the result of high nitrates

How can you maintain a crystal clear aquarium? Ok, so maybe it’s not a secret, but what we know and don’t know determines the success or failure of our aquarium.

Are Nitrates Harmful for my Aquarium?

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So what’s the problem with nitrates in the aquarium? Nitrate is the least toxic nutrient in aquariums, however high nitrate will cause green water and algae outbreaks.

Nitrate Control is Real Aquarium Algae Control

Yellow tang in reef tank

High nitrates in the aquarium inevitably results in algae outbreaks. This can be thick algae growth or green aquarium water. Controlling nitrates is the best option for controlling algae in the aquarium.

Where Does Aquarium Nitrate Come From?

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Nitrate can not be avoided in aquariums. Nitrate results from the natural break down of waste inside the fish tank. Learn more about its sources and how to minimize overall nitrate.

The Aquarium Water Change

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Water changes remove nitrates and pollutants from the aquarium. Water changes also replenish the aquarium with essential minerals and trace elements important for healthy fish life.

Nitrate & the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

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Aquarium nitrate is the final by-product of the nitrogen cycle. It’s the least toxic nutrient, however it must be regularly removed to avoid algae outbreaks.